Gibson Atlas Medalist Vintage (Modified) Guitar Amp – This is not your average Gibson amp!

Gibson Atlas Medalist Vintage (Modified) Guitar Amp – This is not your average Gibson amp!


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This amp has been modified………so if you are a Gibson amp “purist” (and yes, there are a few out there), you might want to think twice.  But on the other hand, if you are looking for an amp that will blow away the timid……….read on brother, read on………..

First of all, I believe this to be a 1967 Atlas, but it could have been built late in 1966 too……..Gibson records are somewhat questionable from this era.  The pictures show the condition and appearance accurately……… make sure you check out all the pics (additional pics at the bottom of this description).

Originally, these Atlas Medalist’s came with 2 ea – 6EU7 tubes in the preamp section……….but this particular amp has been upgraded so it now uses the better 12AX7 tubes.  This conversion was done before I bought it………when I got the amp, the speaker was not the original and the amp wasn’t working right.  It acted like it had bad power tubes, but the tubes checked out OK.  My amp repairman found some poorly soldered power tube sockets were causing the problem……….so once the tube sockets were cleaned up and re-soldered, we had a great sounding amp.  He also biased the power tubes and changed out a capacitor or two…….she’s ready to roar now!  She’s even got a tilt-back leg………how cool is that?

These were considered bass guitar amps, but I am a guitar player (and frankly, this amp is more suited for guitar than bass).   It has greater breakup and better headroom now that the modifications have been made, so I wanted to find a proper speaker for it.  I found (and bought) an old vintage Jensen 15″ (alnico magnet) speaker which needed to be rebuilt, and had it rebuilt to meet Jensen P15N specs…… now it has a 50 watt power handling as compared to it’s former 30 watt specs.  This speaker was rebuild only a few months ago by TM Speaker Repair in Rockford, IL, and my amp technician went completely through the amp at the same time………so she should sing for a long time to come without needing any additional service.  But due to the age of the amp, we cannot warranty it……’s being sold “As-Is”!

And WOW!  Does this amp ever sound special!  Amazing clean tones which transition to a ferocious growl when you push her.  Really sweet transition to breakup as you crank her up, plenty of headroom, wonderful tone, deep powerful low end, sparkling high end and warm mid-range.  The amp takes pedals extremely well too.  You will NOT be disappointed!

Buy-It-Now price is $850.00 plus $109.99 shipping to any location in the continental USA, lower 48 states.  Anywhere else and you best contact me to see if we can work it out.  Of course, if you are near Rockford, Illinois, you are welcome to set up a time to come over and check her out…….customer pickup is FREE!

Let me know if you have any questions……….thanks for your interest and may God bless!


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